Welcome to the Choice Hotels Family!

Your hotel is part of a bigger family, the Choice family. Each individual brand caters to different guest needs. In this video, learn about all Choice family brands and what makes each brand special and unique.

Brand In A Box

Let us partner with you by handling some of the opening details. We can order and pay for some of the items necessary to open your hotel, keeping cash in your pocket and financing them over 12 months at no interest. Click here to learn more

Resources to help with the Pre-Opening

Vendor Showcase

Companies that earn the Qualified Vendor designation have gone through a comprehensive due-diligence process to confirm that they are financially stable, carry appropriate levels of insurance and have a strong customer-service focus. We’ve also made sure that our Qualified Vendors’ products and services are of a higher quality and meet specific brand standards. Check out the Vendor Showcase on ChoiceCentral today!

Learn. Perform. Achieve, with Choice University

Choice University makes it our commitment to give you the guidance you need to achieve the results you deserve. Equipped with industry-leading resources, Choice University provides you with a personalized learning experience through our 24/7 online forum ChoiceU.com, as well as interactive, in-classroom opportunities for more hands-on guidance.